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Fence Staining

The CCRs of our HOA provide that all fences must be stained a uniform color(s), although shade variance is allowed. To aid you in making the best selection we have provided the following color match picture. The particular samples are from BEHR Transparent Stain at Home Depot. Lowe’s has the same stains and colors available in their Olympic stain product. A solid stain may need to be used in the case where a color existing on the fence may bleed through. Click here for a printer compatiable page.

A good contractor can match any of these approved colors. Be sure to provide the product number and name to them in order to ensure you will not have to correct their work if they use the wrong color. The color you see here may vary due to differences in monitors and printers. 

*Brookstone Homeowners’ Association does not endorse or recommend any particular retailer or contractor. This information is for reference only. The BHOA homeowner is entirely responsible for compliance.
 Sable | Chocolate | Valise | Russet | Wood Chip | Padre Brown ST-135 ST-129 ST-123 ST-117 ST-111 ST-105
  Sable | Chocolate | Valise | Russet | Wood Chip | Padre Brown
ST-135   ST-129  ST-123   ST-117    ST-111      ST-105